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Is it possible to exercise too much?

"Summer is a great time to be active and get into shape,” says Dr. Saper. “However, this is also the time we often see patients with overuse injuries that can impact the quality of the warmer months."

Dr. Saper says overuse injuries often occur with repetitive activities in a short amount of time when the body is not yet ready for it. The classic example is ‘shin splints’, or pain in the legs from too much running.

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Nonoperative Treatment of Closed Extra-Articular Distal Humeral Shaft Fractures in Adults: A Comparison of Functional Bracing and Above-Elbow Casting

Nonoperative treatment of closed fractures of the humeral shaft (AO/OTA [Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Osteosynthesefragen/Orthopaedic Trauma Association] type 12) with a functional brace or above-elbow cast (AEC) is associated with a high union rate, good motion, and good function. Advocates of casting believe that a brace cannot control fracture alignment as well as a cast that allows for immobilization and molding. Advocates of brace treatment are concerned that immobilization in a cast will cause elbow stiffness.

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