Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Center

Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Centers

Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Centers

The Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Centers was founded in 1979 by the current director, Dr. Roberto E. Levi. We have developed into one of the most active orthopaedic practices in the Chicago area, and we provide specialized care for patients of all ages.

Our orthopaedic specialists are experienced in: trauma, sports medicine, joint replacements, arthroscopy, cartilage surgery, shoulder and elbow surgery, hand surgery, hip surgery, knee surgery, foot and ankle surgery, and all types of spine injuries.

The specialists at The Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Centers are experienced in dealing with work-related injuries. We recognize that work-related injuries are difficult for patients and their families, and our commitment is to you, the patient.

Our state-of-the art physical therapy department is staffed by licensed physical therapists and physical therapy assistants. Together with our physical therapists, our orthopaedic surgeons provide excellent operative and non-operative orthopaedic care. We utilize accelerated physical therapy protocols in attempt to optimize our patients’ functions as efficiently as possible. This includes return to work, sports, and daily activities.

Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Centers

In addition, our diagnostic radiology department is equipped to diagnose osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Finding an orthopaedic surgeon that is right for you is a difficult task today. We hope that our website will provide you with insight on our institution and our staff. We also hope that you find our website a useful resource in planning your visit with our physicians and physical therapists.

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